Frequently asked questions

CAn i upgrade my lac bernard pack?

Yes it is possible, be sure to let us know the size and type of boilies you want at least one month upfront.

What type of boilies can i get in my pack?

We have 3 different types, Red Fish Spice, Veggie Spice and Creamy peach. These are available in 16mm or 20mm.  You can combine sorts of boilies in the packs

Can we sleep in the cabin?

It is possible to sleep in the cabin, there is room for 2 bedchairs.

Can I pay for things in Sterling when I'm in France?

No in France only Euros are allowed, it is possible to pay with bankcard in most shops.

Are there food packages available?

Currently not, we advice to go to the local shops nearby for food and beverages.

Is there electricity onsite?

Yes, it is a solar powered system which stores the power in batteries, you can use it to charge your batteries, phones, etc. There is a generator onsite aswell in case you need more power.

Where can I buy cigarettes & tobacco?

Sigarettes & tobacco are not sold in the supermarketin France, in the nearest town (Bourg-et-Comin 5min walk) there is a Bar/Tobacco shop.

Are most shops open on Sundays?

Sorry no, Sunday shopping laws in France are totally different to the UK, most shops are closed but some small supermarkets open on Sunday mornings as do some bars/tabacs, most bakeries are open on Sunday mornings.

Can i bring my own particles?

Yes you can, only tigernuts you need to buy from us, check our LB BIG bait pack, here tigernuts are included. They can also be ordered seperately , contact us if you need any.

Can i Use pellets?

Yes offcourse

Can I use plastic baits?

Yes you can

No open fire but can i use a bbq?

Yes offcourse

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