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Looking for a Carp fishing holiday in France?

Welcome @ Lac Bernard

French Carp Lake Lac Bernard is a 5.75 acre gravel lake surrounded by trees. It is located near to Bourg-et-Comin and only a 20 minute drive from the historic town Laon. The beautiful venue with 5 swims is stocked with the best strain mirror and common carp that were allowed to mature. Although we recommend a max of 4 anglers(including 1 non angler), there are 5 swims available.
The lake is available on exclusive base only. This includes full access to the lake, full cabin access and offcourse shower and toilet. The cabin has a solar powered electric system for charging batteries. English sockets are available. Parking is available within the premises.

Lac Bernard is the perfect venue for small groups looking for big fish in beautiful surroundings

Carp Lake Location

Getting to Carp Lac Bernard is relatively simple , once you arrive at Calais and join the A26 towards Arras , 130 of the 148 miles is spent on this toll road at a cost of just 16 euros.

The lake borders a small village called Bourg-et-Comin in Villers-en-Prayeres 02160 , 25 minutes from Laon. Our access track leaves the D967 ‘ Rue de la Cendriere ‘ and our signs are displayed.

A short walk from the lake is the village of Bourg-et-Comin, a small Convenience store, Butchers, Bakery, Restaurants, Tabac/Bar are all available.


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5 Swims available

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At Lac Bernard 5 swims are available for fishing.The depth various between 6ft to 9ft. Lac Bernard has a gravel silty bottom. All of the swims are easy to return the fish and boarding the boat. At every swim it is possible to secure the boat. Lac Bernard is 5.75 acres.
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The carpstock

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The stock of fish inside Lac Bernard has a spread range of weights from 20lb to 56lb, All of them are mixture of Common and Mirror species. Fish have been stocked by a highly reputable French breeder. We will be adding more hand selected Big Carp and some large Pike.

The previous owner repeatedly over the years fed baguettes from the cabin so they are no strangers when it comes to floating baits, a number of fish have now been caught using this method which we know is a rarity in France. 

We have no Catfish or Sturgeon in Lac Bernard.

Over 50 carp have been added to our stock he week of 16th March!

LAC Bernard at
World carp classic 2020?

Lake Cabin & faciliities

At Peg 2 is the lake cabin. 20ft x 18xft brick built with insulated walls, on the exterior an iron frame extends the decking and roof in front out a further 20ft over the water on stilts to keep you dry in all weather and a great place to BBQ.

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£ 1200
  • Exclusive Lake Acces
  • Boat with paddles & lifejackets
  • Shower, toilet and cabin access
  • Power to charge batteries


£ 1400
  • Electric motor and batteries for boat
  • 25kg boillies choises are redfish spice, veggie spice of creamy peach available in 16 of 20mm


£ 1650
  • Electric motor and batteries for boat
  • Fishfinder mounted on the boat
  • 50kg boillies choises are redfish spice, veggie spice of creamy peach available in 16 of 20mm
  • 25kg high quality particle mix

OUR boat at your disposal

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