Lac Bernard AT WCC 2020

@ Lac Bernard we are pleased to announce we will be attending at the world carp classics at the fabulous lake of Lac de MADINE in september 2020. Our team will be fishing with the same baits we are providing in our LB Bait packs.

Check our team members below.


Lac Bernard at WCC2020 2

Dries Rondelez

Passionate CARP Angler

I’m a very passionate carp angler and also owner of Lac Bernard. In my daily job I’m an IT professional and when I’m not behind the screen I try to get to the water to catch some fish :).My favourite baits are the ones we sell @ Lac Bernard. We fished them everywhere in France and abroad. We feel confident about the bait and offcourse we will be taking those to Lac de Madine for the WCC.

Lac Bernard at WCC2020 3

Bjorn Bonny

Passionate Angler

I’m a VERY passionate angler, it takes all of my free time! Mainly I do 3 things in live, Work, sleep, fish… and repeat :). During the winter time I fish weekly with my boat at very big lakes in The Netherlands. Zander and pike fishing I love the most during these time of the year. When it’s to windy & when the temperature rises, I go for carp fishing daily. I live for fishing as I do it for more than 40 years now.

Ready to catch at lac Bernard?